JFS Inspection Services is owned and operated by David Jones, a Texas Professional Real Estate Inspector. David is a 1991 Texas A&M Building Construction graduate with over 25 years of construction, inspection, and risk management experience.

Home Real Estate
Loss Control Assessment
Commercial Property and Liability
Code Compliance
Risk Management

Homes and commercial properties are professionally inspected with the added perspective of a 25-year background in building design and construction. This experience provides a more practical examination and explanation of each issue. It helps buyers and sellers wisely think through the realities of real estate issues, which leads to useful solutions.                                                                                                   

We are not in the business of producing fast inspections. We spend more time on the overall process of inspecting, report writing, and explanation than most inspectors. When time is more important than quality, defects are missed, reports are vague, and proper explanations are rare. We are more concerned with accuracy and clarity than with time. 

A picture is worth a thousand words. Every defect found is adequately photographed and given a custom explanation that makes sense. The result is the elimination of confusion and ambiguity.                                                                                            

Solutions to property and liability issues are rarely black and white. We spend as much time as necessary with every client, either in person or on the phone, answering questions and giving practical explanation to each situation.

We inspect properties mainly in the Houston metro and East Texas areas. Under special circumstances, we travel to the San Antonio, Austin, Waco, and Dallas/Fort Worth areas.